Swiss Energy Herbs By Dr.Frei

SWISS ORIGINAL healing rescue cream, 10 swiss herbs + bisabolol + dexpanthenol, 40ml.

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SWISS ORIGINAL RESCUER contains 10 Swiss herbs + vitamins E, C, B6 + essential oils of Jojoba, Shea butter, Sea Buckthorn and Tea Tree + Bisabolol + Dexpanthenol.

Its unique rich 100% natural composition guarantees fast wound healing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It can be used for treatment of various irritations, skin rashes and acne. ORIGINAL SWISS RESCUER is irreplaceable in every house in case of minor wounds, abrasions, bruises, thermal and sunburns!

Due to the hydrophilic base, the balm is quickly absorbed and leaves no marks on the skin and clothing.

Vitamins E, C and B6 have a protective effect on the skin and strengthen its regenerative ability.

Bisabolol is an ingredient derived from chamomile. An effective component that has the ability to remove irritation of various origins on the skin. The most famous and valuable are its soothing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Dexpanthenol refers to antimicrobial and antiseptic agents for local use, which are used to treat wounds and ulcerative lesions of the skin. It is necessary for the formation and healing of damaged skin and mucous membranes, strengthens collagen fibers. It has a regenerating, vitaminizing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Essential oils: Shea butter, Sea buckthorn oil, Jojoba oil, Tea tree oil (nutrition and hydration of the skin, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, antioxidant, soothing, strengthens microcirculation, UV skin protection, helps against itching).

10 Swiss Herbs: Hypericum, Calendula, Sage, Althea, Mallow, Horsetail, Thyme, Arnica, Chamomile, Physalis (stimulates regeneration, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, wound healing, disinfectant, antirheumatic, improves metabolism, antibacterial).